About Us

Rentmont.com is nothing new. In fact, we used an open-source application to run the services on the web site. What distinguishes Rentmont.com from all other on-line rental search sites is that we allow any property manager or owner to list their rentals for FREE.

Why is the service free?

The basic ad is free because we don't see any reason why would anyone pay money for it. At some point in the future, we may offer featured listing service for a small fee.

Who's behind this?

I am a software engineer who owns a couple of rental houses. I had to look for tenants for my properties and discovered that the best results are achieved by using on-line services. Unfortunately, all services charge a lot of money or overwhelm you with flashy and annoying ads. In 2005 I built my own simple web site listing my homes. I have people calling me almost daily inquiring about my properties even though there are no vacancies. And so I decided to share my prospective tenants with other landlords.

Please enjoy this free service and feel free to send me your feedback at webmaster@rentmont.com.

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